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In an era of globalization, paradoxically, our appreciation for what is local or native is growing. We perceive such products as more unique and yet „ours”. But we are evolving from a certain rusticity and folksiness. Today, instead of fairs of regional products, fashion markets for young Polish designers, garage sales and Polish design fairs are growing in popularity.

Polish and local can also be modern and in line with new trends or even create them with no need to be ashamed. Objects, clothes and accessories inherited from our ancestors with pride are valuable vintage items sought after at auctions and secondhand shops.

go-local.pl dream team:

Wojtek Laska
Katarzyna Mituła
Zosia Przetakiewicz


It’s happening

Much like social and cultural phenomena and other events involved with creating urban space – an increasing number of praiseworthy events and initiatives have appeared. And perhaps there is still room for many others, for which interesting examples from abroad are benchmarks that might provide inspiration for, at the very least, ideas related to participatory budgets. Foreign language slogans, which until recently were just empty words, today encapsulate unconventional campaigns – do you want to do something in your city, are you looking for ideas for outside activities or how to do something interesting within your own four walls? You will find them here. Celebrate Neighbor Day, transform your balcony or backyard or create an urban performance. Don’t limit yourself! Take action!

Something good for everyone

There are as many tastes and interests as people. Go-local describes trends and developments in the areas of urban space and urban planning, local creativity and design, ecology, sustainable development and social responsibility, cultural heritage, lifestyle and business.

  • Urban space (przestrzeń miejska)- we write about interesting initiatives in Polish cities and ideas from abroad that might work in our country, about projects by inhabitants of the city, art and architecture in urban space.
  • Design (design) – Polish contemporary art often refers to traditional motifs, but we also have a lot to say in the area of modern design. We search for and describe Polish designers and trade shows as well as meetings associated with national art.
  • Society and the environment (społeczeństwo I środowisko) – we look for initiatives related to sustainable development, social responsibility and ecology in order to leave future generations a better world. These are not empty words – we will also show you how each of us can implement them in our own lives.
  • Our heritage (nasze dziedzictwo) – history – both national and personal, individual, family is yet another current trend. We are looking for our roots and want to return to them. Polish cultural heritage is a vintage trend; we’ll write about it!
  • Lifestyle (styl życia) – in other words, everything that’s trendy. What to eat, what to wear, how to spend free time? You’ll find all of these plus DIY ideas.
  • Business and support (Biznes i wsparcie) – we write about the directions in which business is developing, interesting initiatives and creative solutions in office space, employer attitudes, employee motivation and interesting start-ups. We respect the concept of work-life-balance and are happy to write about how we implement it in our businesses.

Don’t sleep – read, write!

We try to describe the most interesting and current topics throughout Poland. If your city is going to do something interesting – write about it or invite one of our journalists to attend.  If you have any questions, are interested in an article or want to know more – write to us.

Wojciech Laska

Wojciech Laska


Wojtek mentions in his articles social topics, mainly connected with CSR and sustianable development.

Katarzyna Mituła

Katarzyna Mituła


Kasia mentions in her articles main trends – social, but not only. She writes about city space, modern design and CSR also.

Zosia Przetakiewicz

Zosia Przetakiewicz


Zosia writes mainly about spacial planning, architecture and city space.